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imagesCelebrate the summer with activities for kids. It´s important to keep our kids busy this summer-on sunny or rainy days! Let´s start with music!


imagesSpring is the first season of the year. Altogether there are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. In Spain the first day of spring is on 20 March. On the first day of spring the hours of daylight and hours of night are the same. The weather in spring can be mixed. The end of March is often windy and April often has showery rain. Spring nights can be frosty and cold. Days can be sunny and warm or hot.




PENGUINIIIOne little, two little, three little penguins

four little, five little, six little penguins

seven little, eight little, nine little penguins

ten little penguins walk!!!



Christmas is a very busy time of year for Santa Claus. He has to get the sleigh ready, make sure the elves have finished all the toys, and check his list twice to be sure he hasn’t forgotten any good girls and boys. But in the midst of all this chaos, he always makes time to read letters from children. This year we are going to write Santa from school and we are going to send him the letters. We will placed here our English tasks.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



Dear children!

A new school year begins. Here you can find activities, stories, games… wich can help you with English!

Let´s learn a poem:

Lessons to learn

Friends to meet

Concepts to revise

Experiences to have

Expectations to fulfill

Goals to meet

Ideas to share

Exercises to do

Compositions to write

Teachers to know

Stories to read

Songs to sing

Games to play

A whole new year to enjoy!

I hope you have a great year!!!


There is something about Halloween that really catches the imagination of children, perhaps they are  the stories, the sweets, the monsters, the witches…

This is a great opportunity to catch the attention of our students! Let´s try it!!!


Happy Halloween!

Halloween activities will appeal to all those who like and enjoy this celebration while they learn and put into practice English. Have a good time!